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Olive oil wedding favors and balsamic vinegar wedding favors

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mini olive oil bottle favors

Gourmet Mini Olive Oil Favors - 50 ML
As Seen In InStyle Weddings!

Your guests will fall in love with these elegant, gourmet mini olive oil favors by Round Pond. These aromatic treasures are grown and harvested in Napa Valley, California and are ideal for gift giving - weddings, showers, and engagement parties.

Currently we are offering three herb infused oils, made from the very finest California extra virgin olive oil and hand blended at the Estate. Each bottle

Garlic Olive Oil
Our garlic olive oil is a wonderful fusion of extra virgin olive oil with a must-have in anyone’s kitchen, delicious garlic! With an unmistakable aroma of roasted garlic, the Round Pond Garlic Olive Oil captures the signature scent and flavor of fresh garlic. And with the right underlying, balanced notes of buttery, lush olive oil to complement the garlic, this winning combination will be sure to please.

Rosemary Olive Oil
With an essence of pine needles, cedar and spruce, the Round Pond Rosemary Olive Oil is ideal as both a dipping oil and a complement to many favorite family recipes. Whether accompanying your roasted pork tenderloin or rack of lamb at your holiday table or simply drizzled on top of your go-to weeknight minestrone, the Rosemary oil will add a tasty zing and finish to your dishes.

Basil Olive Oil
With enticing notes of eucalyptus, opal basil and mint, the Round Pond Basil Olive Oil captures the essence of fresh basil in a bottle. Whether using it as a condiment or simply for dipping bread, it is as varied in its uses as an olive oil can be! We simply love the impact this fresh hint of basil adds to almost anything we’re cooking and know you will enjoy it too!

Please allow 2 -3 weeks to process your order.

Due to customization, please allow 2 -3 weeks to process your order. Minimum order: 24 bottles - one case

(orders will not be processed if less than 24 bottles
customers must order by the case)

Item #: 0V03

Price: $8.00 ea.

As you know, most favors are tailored to meet each individual's need. We feel that this type of service requires personal interaction that tends to be lost when using a shopping cart type of ordering system.

If you are interested in ordering this product or have any questions, you may email us, fill out the order form below, or give us a call at 203-509-1490.

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Customer Testimonial

Thanks! We just got the olive oil itself. They're beautiful!

Matthew, VA


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