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Ariston imported marmalades and jams

Try Ariston's delicious gourmet jams and marmalades imported from Greece. Six delicious flavors to choose from: strawbery preserves, apricot preserves, orange marmalade, peach preserves, apple cinnamon marmalade, and fig preserves.

If you are planning a special event and are looking for wedding favors or gifts, take a look at our beautiful selection of Olive Oil and Vinegar Party Favors and Gifts.

Looking for a unique, healthy, and great way to raise money for your school, church, or your non-profit organization? How about our delicious gourmet olive oil and vinegar products or our delicious gourmet dips. For more fundraising info, click here.

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Strawberry preserves   Apricot preserves   orange marmalades
price: $5.25 each
Strawberry Preserves 355g (12.67 oz)

  price: $5.25 each
Apricot Preserves - 355g (12.67 oz)

  Price: $5.25 each
Orange Marmalades - 355g (12.67 oz)

item# 376   item# 377   item# 373
peach preserves   apple cinnamon preserves   apple cinnamon preserves
Price: $5.25 each
Peach Preserves - 355g (12.67 oz)

  price: $5.25 each
Apple Cinnamon Marmalades - 355g (12.67 oz)

  price: $5.25 each
Fig Preserves - 355g (12.67 oz)

If you are interested in carrying these pre-packed imported Marmalades and Jams please check out our Wholesale program web page.

These make beautiful wedding favors, bridal shower favors or whatever event you are planning.

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