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A taste of Greece and Italy.Take a look at our delicious selection of Gourmet Olive Oil Wedding Favors and and Vinegar Wedding Favors. Taste the difference for yourself, and then you'll see why we are called "Above Gourmet"..
  Certified Pure Essential Oils are great for cooking as well as keeping you and your family healthy.
  Swans are one of the most beautiful birds God created in this world. Swans are often represented as signs of love, purity and grace. Take a look at our beautiful selection of hand blown glass swan vases centerpieces.
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Welcome to Above Gourmet,

Thank you for visiting AboveGourmet.com. Back in March 2005, we started our internet business, under the name A Wedding of a Lifetime, marketing wedding favors, bridal shower favors, etc. The first two products that were unique to our party line were our Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from Greece and our delicious 12 year aged Balsamic Vinegar imported from Italy. For years we received such a positive response to our products that we decided to branch out into other markets in organizing gourmet tasting parties, fundraisers as well as participating in local farmer’s markets. We decided to merge all our products and services under one umbrella called Above Gourmet. By forming this new structure we will be able to go "Above" and beyond in concentrating on our specialties such as our therapeutic essential oils, olive oil wedding favors, honey jar favors and hand blown glass swan vases.

Why should you purchase your Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar from Above Gourmet?
For more than 300 years, our importers, Ariston Specialties have been growing, producing, bottling, and distributing the best extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata Greece to the entire world. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is noted to have one of the lowest acidity in the American Market. The low acidity is due to weather, soil and climate condition and most importantly the experience and knowledge that go to manufacture/cold press this product. Our importers have received numerous awards. Ariston's products have been featured on the Faith Middleton Show "Food Schmooze" on NPR, and The Hartford Currant. National Public TV has featured their products for fundraisers. They have been featured several times on The Boston Globe as well as the Westchester County Magazine in NY. In the winter of 2007, our importers were featured on PBS WGBY's "Making it Here in America." Ariston's olive oil and balsamic has received several Best in Connecticut Awards from 2001-2011. Ariston's olive oil has also received in May 2008 two gold medals at the Fort Lauderdale International Olive Oil Festival, a bronze medal in the 2008 and a silver medal at the 2012 International Olive Oil Competition in Los Angeles. They were recently awarded "Most Favorite" Olive Oil at SIAL CANADA's 2012 OLIVE d'OR Competition in Montreal.

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